Nick Temple

Nick Temple
Life Guide

I'm a  life coach, helping self aware people like you build the income and gain the freedom you want through building profitable businesses that  you love to run. 

We start by focussing on starting or growing your 6 figure business to 7 figures and beyond while eliminating stress and overwhelm so you can gain the freedom you desire.

Becoming clear on what our values and visions actually are and how they are  expressed in our daily lives is a big step in the right direction, and one of our first tasks in your business design.

We start by looking at where you are, today, and what your challenges are. We put in place long-term plans with accountability and agreements to revisit as necessary; while allowing space for the shift to happen.

To get things done, we use the the Focus Ladder approach which has been adapted from David Allen's concept of the "horizons of focus".  Starting at day-to-day tasks we look at the things you are doing (actions) and create blocks of time to do and be; these actions align to support completing our targets (goals), which are designed around our values and feed directly into our vision.

I'm a big believer that self-discovery is a daily process and suggest assessments as well as techniques, meditations, and experiments for you to explore. 

A coach brings knowledge, experience, and presence to the relationship. With those pieces in place, I reflect back to you what you want so you can see the component pieces (the ingredients) of your current life & business, help you drill down to the core, and move forward bringing your own presence and power to building the lifestyle you want.

Ready to redesign your business and your life? Contact me here.

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