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Anchor Your Life Vision in 6 Easy Steps

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There is a simple process to solidifying your dream life vision ...

... What's better than a vision board? A Vision Video! Moving visuals and music instantly brings our emotional state to where we want to be - reminding us of the Big Why.

Inside the guide you will find ...

  • How to use intent, visuals and music to create a moving vision board to capture the feeling of your goals.
  • The secret technique to becoming your own compassionate drill sergeant, "bypassing" our inner censor.
  • How to put it all together using free software, or have the computer do the "heavy lifting" and find the images for you.
  • Exactly what is "anchoring" and how the process can train our minds to call up the positive emotions we want in order to move effortlessly toward our goals.
  • The one key factor you need in order to create mega-powerful vision videos that can sustain you throughout the days and weeks to come.
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